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Vikings – we all love them but how much is lore? They never had helmets with horns. They settled areas instead of just raiding. Viking royalty sites on the English throne. Before we get into this Viking Fest lest look at their histgory (history + gory) as I understand it. The Vikings began raiding out of what is now Norway, Sweden, and Denmark around 790AD. From this date to Battle of Hastings in 1066 is generally considered the end of the Viking Age. It is my understanding that the best Vikings come from Norway (personal opinion). The Vikings sailed from Russia, giving the country its’ name, to the new world, to the Mediterranean Sea and maybe further. They sieged and took the Medieval island fortress of Pairs and defeated one of Charlemagne grandsons. They were given a piece of land on the coast of France across from England. This land is called Normandy for the original word for Northmen. The first leader was Rollo, yes of the TV showing Vikings he was real). Somehow they figure they were inline to the kingship of England. Around 1028AD a bastard child named William was born to Robert I, a descendant of Rollo. Robert decided he would make a trip to the Holy Land and set off to die leaving his only male heir unprotected. With his father dead, William the Bastard had to face murder attempts and rebellion.In spite of the odds, he survived and took control

Over in England King Edward the Confessor died childless and Harold Godwinson was crowned king. King Harold III of Norway claimed the throne and invaded England from the north. Harold of Norway was beaten at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Harold Godwinson when south to face the challenge from William the Bastard. They met on Oct. 16th, 1066 in what may be the most important day in the history of the English language. William the Bastard won the battle and became known as William the Conqueror as King of England. The people William beat were Germanic Saxons and he and his were Normans. So this is where you get all that Norman pigs and Saxon dogs stuff from The Adventures of Robin Hood (1948). Plus all the crusading to the Holy Land such as Kingdom of Heaven (2005). This is also tied to Henry V running around and trying to capture his French territories and Saint Joan (1957) trying to chase the English out of France.

To take this just one step further, when the Anglo Army was getting ready to attack the Germans (Saxons) in France during World War II, the Germans thought they would come ashore at Pas-de-Calis. However, the allies returned to spot where the last successful invasion of England came from, Normandy which you will hear about in The Longest Day (1962) and other World War II movies.

So I hope you enjoy this Viking Fest.

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