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I wanted to add a definition for Film noir, so I went to the great movie critic Roger Ebert.  I have shortened his definitions but included the link below so you can read the complete original.

1. A French term meaning “black film,” or film of the night.

2. Doesn’t mislead you into thinking there will be a happy ending.

3. Locations that reek of the night, of shadows, of alleys, of the back doors of fancy places.

4. Cigarettes. Everybody in film noir is always smoking. The best smoking movie of all time is Out of the Past, in which Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas smoke furiously at each other.

Out of the Past (1947) - Forty Film Noir Classics

Out of the Past (1947) – Forty Film Noir Classics

5. Women who would just as soon kill you as love you, and vice versa. This is priceless JEC.

Noir Fest

TitleYearPosterCommentiMDB Rate
Blast of Silence19617.6
Blood on the Moon19486.9
Breaking Point1950-1
City of Fear1959-1
Criminal Court1946-1
Cry Tough1959-1
Dangerous Intruder1945-1
Four Boys and a Gun1957-1
Her Kind of Man1946-1
I Can Get It for You Wholesale1951-1
I Confess1953-1
I Married a Communist1949-1
Inside Detroit1956-1
Kansas City Confidential1952-1
Man in the Attic1953-1
Moss Rose1947-1
My Gun Is Quick1957-1
Odds Against Tomorrow1959A work of art from Rober Wise. New York City and its industrial fringe are quasi-protagonists that harbor the angst and desperation of lifeoutside the mainstream – sordid dreams of the last big heist that will fix everything.-1
Out of the Fog1941-1
Portland Expose1957-1
Queen Bee1955-1
Rage in Heaven1941-1
Shadow of a Doubt1943-1
Step Down to Terror1958-1
Terror at Midnight1956-1
The Beat Generation1959-1
The Capture1950-1
The Crimson Kimono1959-1
The Ghost Ship1943-1
The Girl on the Bridge1951-1
The Iron Curtain1948-1
The Last Mile1959-1
The Macomber Affair1947-1
The Man in the Net1959-1
The Naked Kiss1964-1
The Paradine Case1947-1
The Pawnbroker1964The screenplay weaves the past and the present by juxtaposition and is economic when words are needed. Rod SteigerÂ’s portrayal of Nazi death-camp survivor is a tour-de-force and his nominations for an Oscar and other accolades richly deserved.-1
The Seventh Victim1943Despair behind, and death before doth cast. The terror of an empty existence. Brilliant Lewton gothic melodrama.-1
The Spiral Staircase1946-1
The True Story of Lynn Stuart1958-1
The Whip Hand1951-1
The Woman in White1948-1
This Woman Is Dangerous1952-1
Tokyo File 2121951-1
Underworld USA1961Fast and furious pulp from Sam Fuller. Revenge finds redemption in death up a back alley the genesis of dark vengeance.-1
Young Man with a Horn1950-1
Without Honor1949-1
Hong Kong Affair19580
Lucky Devils19410
Scandal Incorporated19560
The Violent Years19563
Dance Hall Racket19533.3
Jail Bait19543.3
The Brute Man19463.9
Chained for Life19524.1
Flight to Nowhere19464.3
Tropic Zone19534.5
The Red Menace19494.7
Code of the Secret Service19394.8
Secrets of Monte Carlo19514.8
The Shadow Strikes19374.9
Walk the Dark Street19564.9
The Big Fix19475.1
Black Diamonds19405.2
Las Vegas Shakedown19555.2
Voice in the Wind19445.2
Below the Deadline19465.3
Edge of Hell19565.3
Gang War19405.3
Gorilla at Large19545.3
Johnny One-Eye19505.3
Lady in the Death House19445.3
She-Wolf of London19465.3
A Strange Adventure19565.4
Dangerous Passage19445.4
Flight to Tangier19535.4
Hong Kong Confidential19585.4
Man on the Prowl19575.4
Terror Street19535.4
The Girl in Black Stockings19575.4
Circumstantial Evidence19455.5
Convict's Code19395.5
Cosmo Jones in the Crime Smasher19435.5
Flight to Hong Kong19565.5
I Cover the Underworld19555.5
Paper Bullets19415.5
Sensation Hunters19455.5
The Basketball Fix19515.5
The Cobra Strikes19485.5
The Man from Cairo19535.5
Three Bad Sisters19565.5
A Bullet Is Waiting19545.6
City of Shadows19555.6
Crime, Inc.19455.6
Whistle Stop19465.6
Doomed to Die19405.6
Female Jungle19565.6
Girls in Prison19565.6
Lure of the Swamp19575.6
No Escape19535.6
Stopover Tokyo19575.6
The Big Boodle19575.6
The Gold Racket19375.6
The Human Jungle19545.6
A Life at Stake19555.7
Accused of Murder19565.7
Affair in Havana19575.7
Assigned to Danger19485.7
Congo Crossing19565.7
Dangerous Mission19545.7
Grief Street19315.7
Kill or Be Killed19505.7
Parole, Inc.19485.7
Post Office Investigator19495.7
Shoot to Kill19475.7
Teenage Doll19575.7
The Abductors19575.7
The Arnelo Affair19475.7
The Big Bluff19555.7
The Mask of Diijon19465.7
The Pay Off19425.7
The Tijuana Story19575.7
The Unholy Wife19575.7
What Price Crime19355.7
Bad Blonde19535.8
Crime Against Joe19565.8
Danger Woman19465.8
End of the Road19445.8
Federal Agent at Large19505.8
Frontera norte19535.8
Gambler and the Lady19525.8
Girls on the Loose19585.8
Hidden Fear19575.8
Inside Job19465.8
Lady Gangster19425.8
Man in the Vault19565.8
New Orleans Uncensored19555.8
Peking Express19515.8
Prison Nurse19385.8
Screaming Mimi19585.8
Short Cut to Hell19575.8
The Hideout19565.8
The Limping Man19535.8
The Steel Jungle19565.8
World for Ransom19545.8
Women from Headquarters19505.8
Big Town After Dark19475.9
Bury Me Dead19475.9
Destination Murder19505.9
Escape in the Fog19455.9
Hell's Island19555.9
Joy Ride19585.9
Key Witness19475.9
Million Dollar Pursuit19515.9
Roadhouse Girl19535.9
Strange Intruder19565.9
Street of Sinners19575.9
The Bonnie Parker Story19585.9
5 Against the House19555.9
The Slasher19535.9
The Tattooed Stranger19505.9
The Woman on Pier 1319495.9
Waterfront at Midnight19485.9
A Bullet for Joey19556
A Woman's Devotion19566
Chicago Confidential19576
Death in Small Doses19576
Double Deal19506
Harbor of Missing Men19506
Hoodlum Empire19526
Hot Summer Night19576
Jamaica Run19536
Make Haste to Live19546
Murder Is My Beat19556
Mystery of Marie Roget19426
Paid to Kill19546
River Gang19456
Second Chance19536
Shadow of a Woman19466
Specter of the Rose19466
The Frozen Ghost19456
The Lady Confesses19456
The Man Who Died Twice19586
The Night Runner19576
The Saint's Double Trouble19406
The Shadow Man19536
The Shanghai Story19546
Twist of Fate19546
Whispering Footsteps19436
A Cry in the Night19566.1
A Dangerous Profession19496.1
A Woman's Secret19496.1
Apology for Murder19456.1
Assignment: Paris19526.1
Betrayed Women19556.1
Blonde Ice19486.1
Calling Dr. Death19436.1
Dead Man's Eyes19446.1
Dick Tracy19456.1
Female on the Beach19556.1
For You I Die19476.1
Guilty Bystander19506.1
I Was a Shoplifter19506.1
I, the Jury19533-D6.1
Inner Sanctum19486.1
Mara Maru19526.1
No Orchids for Miss Blandish19486.1
Pickup Alley19576.1
Port of New York19496.1
Sealed Lips19426.1
Spin a Dark Web19566.1
Stolen Face19526.1
The 49th Man19536.1
The Crooked Web19556.1
The Fearmakers19586.1
The Girl in the Kremlin19576.1
The Inner Circle19466.1
The Joe Louis Story19536.1
The Judge19496.1
The Man with My Face19516.1
The Night Holds Terror19556.1
The Strip19516.1
The Unseen19456.1
They Made Me a Killer19466.1
Young and Wild19586.1
Woman in the Dark19526.1
5 Steps to Danger19576.2
A Lady Without Passport19506.2
Ça va barder19556.2
Count the Hours!19536.2
Double Jeopardy19556.2
F.B.I. Girl19516.2
Finger of Guilt19566.2
Gambling House19506.2
Golden Salamander19506.2
Guest in the House19446.2
Hell's Five Hours19586.2
Invisible Avenger19586.2
Mad at the World19556.2
Miami Exposé19566.2
Money Madness19486.2
Once a Thief19506.2
Passkey to Danger19466.2
Pillow of Death19456.2
Satan Met a Lady19366.2
Talk About a Stranger19526.2
Terror on a Train19536.2
The Come On19566.2
The Fatal Witness19456.2
The Houston Story19566.2
The Spider Woman Strikes Back19466.2
The Whole Truth19586.2
Tip on a Dead Jockey19576.2
A Prize of Gold19556.3
Cry of the Hunted19536.3
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball19466.3
Dick Tracy's Dilemma19476.3
Fall Guy19476.3
Fingers at the Window19426.3
Girl on the Spot19466.3
Great Guy19366.3
Highway Dragnet19546.3
Hit and Run19576.3
House of Horrors19466.3
I Was a Communist for the F.B.I.19516.3
Illegal Entry19496.3
Man Bait19526.3
Man in the Dark19533-D6.3
Million Dollar Weekend19486.3
Models Inc.19526.3
Night Without Sleep19526.3
No Man's Woman19556.3
Revolt in the Big House19586.3
Step Down to Terror19586.3
Strange Illusion19456.3
The Clay Pigeon19496.3
The Gentle Gunman19526.3
The Green Glove19526.3
The Gun Runners19586.3
The Hairy Ape19446.3
The Hoodlum19516.3
The Las Vegas Story19526.3
The Madonna's Secret19466.3
The Man in Half Moon Street19456.3
The Man Is Armed19566.3
The Paris Express19526.3
The Price of Fear19566.3
The Shadow on the Window19576.3
The Sign of the Ram19486.3
The Spider19456.3
The Strange Door19516.3
This Side of the Law19506.3
Town on Trial19576.3
Voice of the Whistler19456.3
Walk a Crooked Mile19486.3
Walk East on Beacon!19526.3
You Can't Get Away with Murder19396.3
Alaska Seas19546.4
Black Hand19506.4
Blind Alley19396.4
Cop Hater19586.4
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome19476.4
Edge of Doom19506.4
Hell Bound19576.4
Hell's Half Acre19546.4
Hot Rod Rumble19576.4
House of Numbers19576.4
I Died a Thousand Times19556.4
Johnny Angel19456.4
Loan Shark19526.4
Machine-Gun Kelly19586.4
Quiet Please: Murder19426.4
Raw Wind in Eden19586.4
Red Light19496.4
Rogues' Regiment19486.4
Scotland Yard Investigator19456.4
Secret of the Whistler19466.4
Shed No Tears19486.4
So Dark the Night19466.4
Southside 1-100019506.4
Step by Step19466.4
Stolen Identity19536.4
Storm Fear19556.4
Strange Fascination19526.4
The Black Castle19526.4
The Brighton Strangler19456.4
The Dark Past19486.4
The Female Animal19586.4
The Killer That Stalked New York19506.4
The Miami Story19546.4
The Power of the Whistler19456.4
The Return of the Whistler19486.4
The Second Woman19506.4
The Silk Noose19486.4
The Sun Sets at Dawn19506.4
The System19536.4
They Gave Him a Gun19376.4
Tiger in the Smoke19566.4
Tokyo Joe19496.4
Two O'Clock Courage19456.4
Whispering City19476.4
Dark Waters1944Dark Waters (1944)Merle Oberon, Franchot Tone, and Thomas Mitchell in an interesting Gothic-Film Noir set in bayous of Louisiana.6.5
Crime of Passion1957Crime of Passion (1957) posterCrime of Passion (1957) is a great film noir, focused on the woman played by Barbara Stanwyck. Featuring Sterling Hayden, Raymond Burr, and Fay Wray...6.5
Among the Living19416.5
Between Midnight and Dawn19506.5
Cause for Alarm!19516.5
Chicago Syndicate19556.5
Cover Up19496.5
Cry Terror!19586.5
Cry Vengeance19546.5
Dressed to Kill19416.5
Experiment Perilous19446.5
Fear in the Night19476.5
Flame of the Islands19566.5
Flaxy Martin19496.5
Follow Me Quietly19496.5
Hell on Frisco Bay19556.5
Hot Cars19566.5
Hunt the Man Down19506.5
Iron Man19516.5
Johnny Allegro19496.5
Johnny Rocco19586.5
Naked Alibi19546.5
Never Trust a Gambler19516.5
One Girl's Confession19536.5
Please Murder Me!19566.5
Race Street19486.5
Roses Are Red19476.5
Shack Out on 10119556.5
Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman19476.5
Smuggler's Island19516.5
Strange Impersonation19466.5
Strangers in the Night19446.5
Street of Chance19426.5
Sudden Danger19556.5
The 13th Letter19516.5
The Amazing Mr. X19486.5
The Big Caper19576.5
The Big Night19516.5
The Boss19566.5
The Fat Man19516.5
The Flame19476.5
The Gangster1947Hell of a b-movie. Very dark noir opera brutally critiques the entrepreneurial spirit. Dalton Trumbo script.6.5
The Guilty19476.5
The Naked Street19556.5
The Raging Tide19516.5
The Unguarded Moment19566.5
The Unknown Man19516.5
The Whistler19446.5
The Woman on the Beach19476.5
Walk Softly, Stranger19506.5
Women's Prison19556.5
The Garment Jungle1957Garment factory owner, with the help of his son and union finally stands ups to organized crime.6.6
Anna Lucasta19496.6
Baby Face Nelson19576.6
Behind Green Lights19466.6
Behind Locked Doors19486.6
Beware, My Lovely19526.6
Chicago Deadline19496.6
Dishonored Lady19476.6
Eyes of the Underworld19426.6
Finger Man19556.6
Flight from Destiny19416.6
Grand Central Murder19426.6
Journey Into Fear1942Moody Orson Welles' noir. Exotic locales, sexy dames, weird villains, politics, wisdom, philosophy, and a wry humor.6.6
Lady in the Lake19466.6
Lightning Strikes Twice19516.6
Live Fast, Die Young19586.6
Mr. Soft Touch19496.6
Mysterious Intruder19466.6
No Questions Asked1951Femme Fatale played by Arlene Dahl leads a lawyer played by Barry Sullivan to ruin.6.6
San Quentin19376.6
Scene of the Crime19496.6
Take One False Step19496.6
The Big Tip Off19556.6
The Brasher Doubloon19476.6
The Captive City19526.6
The Circle19576.6
The Glass Alibi19466.6
The Glass Web19533-D6.6
The Great Flamarion19456.6
The Invisible Wall19476.6
The Other Woman19546.6
The Pretender19476.6
The Sellout19526.6
The Sleeping Tiger19546.6
The Strange Woman19466.6
The Thirteenth Hour19476.6
The Threat19496.6
Three Steps North19516.6
Time Out of Mind19476.6
Undercover Girl19506.6
Weird Woman19446.6
When Gangland Strikes19566.6
Zero Hour!19576.6
A Dead Man Among the Living19476.7
Affair in Trinidad19526.7
Appointment with Danger19506.7
Big House, U.S.A.19556.7
Black Tuesday19546.7
Born to Be Bad19506.7
Canon City19486.7
Christmas Holiday1944Director Robert Siodmak smashes genre conventions by unleashing a wild expressionist ambience in a bizarre story of obsession and guilt thathas you appalled yet enthralled. Full of bizarre surprises.6.7
City Across the River19496.7
Cloak and Dagger19466.7
Crime in the Streets19566.7
Danger Signal19456.7
Desert Fury19476.7
Dial 111919506.7
Gunman in the Streets19506.7
Hollywood Story19516.7
Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison19516.7
Killer's Kiss19556.7
Mister Cory19576.7
Open Secret19486.7
Private Hell 3619546.7
Running Wild19556.7
Shadow on the Wall19506.7
Sleeping Car to Trieste19486.7
Smooth as Silk19466.7
Strange Triangle19466.7
The Bribe19496.7
The Burglar19576.7
The Case Against Brooklyn19586.7
The Chase19466.7
The Crooked Way19496.7
The Fallen Sparrow19436.7
The General Died at Dawn19366.7
The Hunted19486.7
The Killer Is Loose19566.7
The Lady Gambles19496.7
The Long Night19476.7
Thunder Road19586.7
Tight Spot19556.7
Time Table19566.7
Two of a Kind19516.7
Vice Squad19536.7
When Strangers Marry19446.7
You Can't Escape19576.7
Witness to Murder19546.7
Without Warning!19526.7
A Blueprint for Murder19536.8
A Kiss Before Dying19566.8
A Woman's Vengeance19486.8
Berlin Express19486.8
Black Widow19546.8
Blanche Fury19486.8
Blind Spot19476.8
City That Never Sleeps19536.8
Dancing with Crime19476.8
Dark City19506.8
Deadline at Dawn19466.8
Desperate Moment19536.8
Down Three Dark Streets19546.8
Dust Be My Destiny19396.8
Flesh and Fury19526.8
Guard 1319466.8
Hollow Triumph1948Baroque journey to perdition traversing a noir topography redolent with noir archetypes. Audacious and enthralling.6.8
I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes19486.8
Invisible Stripes19396.8
Johnny Stool Pigeon19496.8
Man Afraid19576.8
Missing Women19516.8
Mr. Denning Drives North19516.8
Night Editor19466.8
Not as a Stranger19556.8
Outside the Law19566.8
Port of 40 Thieves19446.8
Rogue Cop19546.8
Rope of Sand19496.8
Secret Beyond the Door...19476.8
Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror19426.8
Slightly Scarlet19566.8
Strange Bargain19496.8
Summer Storm19446.8
The Bigamist19536.8
The House on 92nd Street19456.8
The Man Who Cheated Himself19506.8
The People Against O'Hara19516.8
The Racket19516.8
The Saxon Charm19486.8
The Scarf19516.8
The Shanghai Gesture19416.8
The Tattered Dress19576.8
The Thief19526.8
The Turning Point19526.8
The Two Mrs. Carrolls19476.8
The Undercover Man19496.8
The Velvet Touch19486.8
Tough As They Come19426.8
Union Station19506.8
Where Danger Lives19506.8
Wicked as They Come19566.8
Shield for Murder1954Crooked cop Detective Lt. Barney Nolan (Edmond O'Brien) murders and robs a bookie so he can start a new life with his girlfriend Patty (Marla English) while cops Sgt. Mark Brewster (John Agar) and Capt. Gunnarson (Emile Meyer) follow the clues. Also, features Carolyn Jones and Claude Akins. Super intense film noir...6.9
711 Ocean Drive19506.9
Allotment Wives19456.9
An Act of Murder19486.9
Blues in the Night19416.9
Death of a Scoundrel19566.9
Diplomatic Courier19526.9
Don't Bother to Knock19526.9
Drive a Crooked Road19546.9
Enter Arsene Lupin19446.9
Good-Time Girl19486.9
High Tide19476.9
Highway 30119506.9
Hold Back Tomorrow19556.9
House of Bamboo19556.9
I Stole a Million19396.9
Johnny O'Clock19476.9
Kid Glove Killer19426.9
Kiss the Blood Off My Hands19486.9
Knock on Any Door19496.9
Lady on a Train19456.9
M1951Fritz Lang directed the story of a German child killer. When the police can't find the murderer other criminals join in the hunt...6.9
Mine Own Executioner19476.9
One Way Street19506.9
Plunder Road19576.9
PT Raiders19556.9
Repeat Performance19476.9
Slaughter on 10th Avenue19576.9
Sleep, My Love19486.9
So Evil My Love19486.9
Split Second19536.9
Spy Hunt19506.9
Strange Confession19456.9
Stranger on the Third Floor19406.9
The Accused19496.9
The Beast of the City19326.9
The Big Knife19556.9
The Blue Lamp19506.9
The Brothers Rico19576.9
The Glass Wall19536.9
The Last Crooked Mile19466.9
The Lawless19506.9
The Long Haul19576.9
The Man I Love19476.9
The Mark of the Whistler19446.9
The Mysterious Mr. Valentine19466.9
The Red House19476.9
The Secret Fury19506.9
The Square Jungle19556.9
The Steel Trap19526.9
The Story of Molly X19496.9
The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry19456.9
The Unfaithful19476.9
The Wild Party19566.9
Time Without Pity19576.9
Violent Saturday19556.9
Woman in Hiding19506.9
Blood Money1933Frances Dee plays a kleptomaniac that get between a bail bondsman and his girlfriend. Norish but not a Film Noir.7
The Blue Gardenia1953A woman blacks out while drinking and thinks she may have killed the man that tried to sexually assault her7
A Voice in the Night19467
Armored Car Robbery19507
Behind the High Wall19567
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt19567
Black Angel19467
Black Legion19377
Dangerous Crossing19537
Flamingo Road19497
High Wall19477
I Love Trouble19487
Johnny Apollo19407
Night Court19327
Nobody Lives Forever19467
Riot in Cell Block 1119547
Sherlock Holmes in Washington19437
Terror by Night19467
The Big Steal19497
The Clouded Yellow19507
The Devil Thumbs a Ride19477
The File on Thelma Jordon19507
The Hitch-Hiker1953Two buddies on a vacation pick up a murderous escaped convict who plans to kill them when the trip is over...7
The House on Telegraph Hill19517
The Long Memory19537
The Lost Moment19477
The Midnight Story19577
The Mob19517
The Racket19287
The Sleeping City19507
The Strange Mrs. Crane19487
The Underworld Story19507
The Upturned Glass19477
They Made Me a Criminal19397
Three Strangers1946Three strangers get involved with a Chinese goddess idol and have very different results. The 8th pairing of Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet.7
Thunder on the Hill19517
Time to Kill19427
T-Men1947Mann and Alton offer a visionary descent into a noir realm of dark tenements, nightclubs, mobsters, and hellish steam baths.7
Under the Gun19517
While the City Sleeps19567
Wicked Woman19537
13 Rue Madeleine19467
A Double Life19477.1
Another Man's Poison19517.1
Appointment with a Shadow19577.1
Border Incident1949Subversive expressionist noir from Dir Anthony Mann DP John Alton and writer John C Higgin indicts US agribusiness.7.1
Bullets or Ballots19367.1
Damn Citizen19587.1
Fourteen Hours19517.1
Grissly's Millions19457.1
He Ran All the Way19517.1
His Kind of Woman19517.1
I Walk Alone19477.1
Johnny Eager19417.1
Ladies in Retirement19417.1
Man on a Tightrope19537.1
Mystery Street19507.1
New York Confidential19557.1
Night Has a Thousand Eyes19487.1
Nora Prentiss1947Doctor is plunged into a dark pool of noir angst in a turbo-charged melodrama of tortured loyalty and thwarted passion.7.1
Outside the Wall19507.1
Party Girl1958I wouldn't spend much time tracking this one down. It's in color and the story is pretty weak. Cyd Charisse does some nice dancing and Lee J. Cobb is good as a Capone type.7.1
Stage Fright19507.1
The Dark Mirror19467.1
The Glass Key19427.1
The Man Between19537.1
20,000 Years in Sing Sing19327.1
The October Man19477.1
The Scarlet Hour19567.1
The Strange One19577.1
The Street with No Name19487.1
The Web19477.1
Tomorrow Is Another Day19517.1
You and Me19387.1
Fallen Angel1945Dana Andrews, Linda Darnell, and John Carridine...7.2
A Woman's Face19417.2
Beyond the Forest19497.2
Blonde Sinner19567.2
Chicago Calling19517.2
City Streets19317.2
Clash by Night1952Cheating wife Stanwyck faces the music. Fritz Lang puts sexual license and existential entitlement on trial and wins.7.2
Dead Reckoning1947A soldier flees rather than receive the Medal of Honor, his war buddy, played by Humphrey Bogart goes to his buddy's hometown where love and murder follow...7.2
Deadline - U.S.A.19527.2
'G' Men19357.2
He Walked by Night19487.2
Hell Drivers19577.2
House by the River19507.2
Human Desire19547.2
Insurance Investigator19517.2
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye19507.2
Ministry of Fear19447.2
My Name Is Julia Ross19457.2
Phone Call from a Stranger19527.2
Pitfall1948An insurance man falls for a femme fatale who's boyfriend is in jail. Things turn dark...7.2
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death19437.2
Side Street19507.2
Six Bridges to Cross19557.2
Somewhere in the Night19467.2
Steel Town19527.2
The Blue Dahlia19467.2
The Damned Don't Cry19507.2
The Dark Corner19467.2
The Face Behind the Mask19417.2
The House of the Seven Gables19407.2
The Locket1946A flashback inside of a flashback inside of a flashback. Decent acting and story, this film is truly the master of flashbacks. Robert Mitchum is in a different type of role. 7.2
The Long Wait19547.2
The Mask of Dimitrios19447.2
The Reckless Moment1949Max Ophuls takes a blackmail story and infuses it with a complexity and subtlety rarely matched in film noir.7.2
The Sniper1952Maybe the first modern serial killer film. An interesting watch, but a little too close to modern society. Interesting HUAC connections.7.2
The Unsuspected19477.2
The Verdict1946A nice revenge movie with Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet. It will keep you guessing until the end.7.2
They Won't Believe Me19477.2
To the Ends of the Earth19487.2
The Prowler1951Van Heflin plays a killer cop out to steal Evelyn Keyes' character form her husband and start a new life. 7.3
Across the Bridge19577.3
Alias Nick Beal19497.3
Angel Face19537.3
Born to Kill19477.3
Cry of the City19487.3
I Became a Criminal19477.3
I Wake Up Screaming1941Early crooked cop psycho-noir. Redolent noir motifs, dark shadows, off-kilter framing and expressionist imagery.7.3
Panic in the Streets19507.3
Phantom Lady19447.3
Road House19487.3
Storm Warning19517.3
The Maltese Falcon19317.3
The Sound of Fury1950Great noir! Outdoes Lang's Fury and brilliantly prefigures Wilder's Ace in the Hole. Climactic mob scenes mesmerise.7.3
The Well19517.3
They Drive by Night19407.3
They Won't Forget19377.3
World in My Corner19567.3
The Big Combo1955The Big Combo (1955)Obsessed cop hunts down a psychotic crime boss...7.4
D.O.A.1949D.O.A. (1950) posterA "who done it" like you have never seen before...7.4
All My Sons19487.4
Brighton Rock19487.4
Call Northside 77719487.4
Confidential Report19557.4
Crime Wave1953Andre de Toth noir masterwork set on the streets of LA is so authentic it plays for real with each character deeply drawn.7.4
Cry Danger19517.4
Dead End19377.4
Each Dawn I Die19397.4
Force of Evil1948Polonsky transcends noir in a tragic allegory on greed and family. Garfield adds signature honesty and gritty complexity .7.4
House of Strangers19497.4
It Always Rains on Sunday19477.4
Kansas City Confidential19527.4
Marked Woman19377.4
Murder by Contract19587.4
On Dangerous Ground1951City cop battling inner demons is sent to ‘Siberia’. A film of dark beauty and haunting characterisations.7.4
Raw Deal1948Sublime noir from Anthony Mann and John Alton. Knockout cast in a strong story stunningly rendered as expressionist art.7.4
Ride the Pink Horse1947Disillusioned WW2 vet arrives in a New Mexico town to blackmail a war racketeer. Imbued with a rare humanity...7.4
The Enforcer19517.4
The Hidden Room19497.4
The Lineup19587.4
The Phenix City Story1955The entire town is corrupt. Alabama! ...7.4
The Spider Woman19437.4
The Stranger1946Orson Welles directs and stars as a War Crimes Commission investigator travels to New England in search of Nazis. t to find an infamous Nazi...7.4
The Window19497.4
Too Late for Tears1949Preposterous chance event launches wild descent into dark avarice and eroticised violence as relentless as fate.7.4
You Only Live Once1937Fritz Lang and Hollywood kick-start poetic realism! Henry Fonda and Sylvia Sidney are the doomed lovers on the run.7.4
Woman on the Run19507.4
White Corridors19517.4
I Want to Live!1958I Want to Live! (1958)I Want to Live! (1958) is a gritty film noir that focuses on the femme side of the story. Susan Hayward is amazing as the condemned woman...7.5
99 River Street195399 River Street (1953)An ex-boxer falls into a trap and is accused on murder...7.5
Act of Violence1949Long-shot and deep focus climax filmed night-for-night on a railway platform: the stuff noirs are made of.7.5
All the King's Men1949Southern politics the real way7.5
Girls in the Night19537.5
Hangmen Also Die!19437.5
Hangover Square19457.5
Johnny Holiday19497.5
Kiss of Death19477.5
No Man of Her Own19507.5
No Way Out19507.5
Scandal Sheet19527.5
Sorry, Wrong Number19487.5
Sudden Fear19527.5
The Breaking Point19507.5
The Crooked Circle19577.5
The House of Fear19457.5
The Man with the Golden Arm19557.5
The Pearl of Death19447.5
The Scarlet Claw19447.5
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers19467.5
The Suspect19447.5
The Wrong Man19567.5
This Gun for Hire19427.5
The Petrified Forest1936
The Petrified Forest (1936)
This movie is definitely not a Film Noir but it is a precursor and shows many elements of the genre. 7.6
The Harder They Fall1956This is a gritty boxing Film-Noir without a series femme fatale. This movie was Humphrey Bogart last film. Rod Steiger led a vicious crew of gangsters. Real boxers rounded out the crew. Mark Robson directed this tale of corruption and betrayal in the sweet science...7.6
Dark Passage1947Dark Passage (1947)An escaped convict and his helper starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall...7.6
Criss Cross1949An armored truck driver and his ex-wife work with a gang to pull off an insider robbery of the truck...7.6
Detective Story19517.6
High Sierra1941A thief, after being released from prison, is hired by his old boss to learn an inept group in the robbery of a mountain resort...7.6
Murder, My Sweet1944(Aka Farewell, my Lovely). The most noir fun you will ever have. Raymond Chandler’s prose crackles with moody noir direction from Edward Dmytryk...7.6
The Desperate Hours19557.6
The Naked City1948Two New York City detectives investigating a suicide that turns out to be murder...7.6
The Postman Always Rings Twice1946Infidelity and murder...7.6
They Live by Night1948An injured convict falls for a woman that nursed him back to health. Their relationship doesn't seem to have a chance...7.6
Where the Sidewalk Ends19507.6
The Narrow Margin1952Set on a train, this is the classic Film Noir featuring Marie Windsor and Charles McGraw7.7
Brute Force1947Brute Force (1947)Prisoners obsessed with a pin-up tell their tale as they wait to escape. Burt Lancaster leads a fantastic cast with Hume Cronin as a sadistic guard...7.7
Caged1950This film has a great female cast. Set in a woman's prison this film has a very dark ending...7.7
Gun Crazy19507.7
Kiss Me Deadly19557.7
Leave Her to Heaven1945A writer and a socialite meet on a train. It is not long before her obsessive love threatens them and everyone around the two. 7.7
The Big Clock19487.7
The Docks of New York19287.7
The Lady from Shanghai1947Orson Welles' brilliant jigsaw with a femme fatale that is one of the greatest...7.7
The Letter19407.7
Thieves' Highway1949Moody Richard Conte hauling fruit to Frisco. Rich socio-realist melodrama from Jules Dassin and A.I. Bezzerides. 7.7
The Set-Up1949Robert Ryan is great as washed-up boxer in Robert Wise's sharp expose of the fight game. Brooding and intense Film Noir classic.7.8
5 Fingers19527.8
Body and Soul1947A masterwork. Melodramatic expose of the fight game and a savage indictment of money capitalism. GarfieldÂ’s picture.7.8
Gilda1946A small-time hood goes to work in a casino only to find his new boss is married to his ex-lover...7.8
Nightmare Alley1947Predatory femme-fatale uses greed not sex to trap her prey in a hell of hangmen at the bottom of an empty gin bottle..,.7.8
Odd Man Out19477.8
Pickup on South Street19537.8
The Fallen Idol19487.8
The Killers1946Burt Lancaster in his file debut is amazing...7.8
The Woman in the Window19447.8
Requiem For A Heavyweight1962A washed-up boxer...7.9
Key Largo1948Key Largo (1947)Gangsters and a hurricane in the Florida Keys. Plus Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall...7.9
Scarlet Street1945A lonely man and an evil couple...7.9
The Asphalt Jungle1950Gritty heist drama as everything falls apart...7.9
The Roaring Twenties19397.9
The Big Heat1953The Big Heat (1953)A tough cop, played by Glenn Ford takes on a well-connected mob. Gloria Grahame is great in this film...8
Angels with Dirty Faces19388
In a Lonely Place1950Nick Ray deftly explores effect of isolation, frustration, and anxiety on the creative psyche as noir entrapment...8
Mildred Pierce1945Joan Crawford in classy melodrama by Michael Curtiz lensed by Ernest Haller. Self-made woman escapes morass of greed.8
Night and the City19508
Notorious1946Spies with Carey Grant and Ingrid Bergman...8
Strangers on a Train19518
The Big Sleep1946Detective Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) is hired by a wealthy client. By the end of the case, there is murder, blackmail, and maybe love...8
The Killing1956Sterling Hayden is amazing in the tale of a robbery gone horribly wrong...8
The Lost Weekend1945Most men lead lives of quiet desperation. I can't take quiet desperation. Ray Milland against type on a bender.8
The Night of the Hunter19558
The Maltese Falcon1941Maltese Falcon (1941)The best of ALL the film noir. Humphrey Bogart is amazing so is everyone else...8.1
Laura1944Laura (1944)Gene Tierney is an iridescent angel and Dana Andrews a stolid cop who nails the killer after falling for a dead dame...8.1
Out of the Past1947Out of the Past (1947)The best femme fatale ever...8.1
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang19328.1
Touch of Evil1958Orson Welles directed this masterpieces that starred Charleton Heston as Mexican detective...8.1
Ace in the Hole1951Ace in the Hole (1952)A savage critique of corrupt mass media. Kirk Douglas is on fire...8.2
Dial M for Murder19548.2
Sweet Smell of Success1957Ambition and betrayal stripped of all pretense...8.2
The Third Man1949Orson Welles is amazing in this hard to follow film...8.2
White Heat1949Cagney plays a psychopathic con with a mother complex trying to break out of prison to rejoin his old gang. The ending goes off with a bang...8.2
Double Indemnity1944Double Indemnity (1944)Foolish insurance man meets one of the best femme fatale in this must see drama...8.3
Sunset Boulevard1950Sunset Boulevard (1950)A young man is murdered after he gets involved with a much older actress. 8.5

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