Cecil B. DeMille – From the Beginning

Cecil B. DeMille

Cecil B. DeMille

Cecil B. DeMille

Director Cecil B. Demille started at the beginning of the American film industry. His great directing and draconian style made a great impact on American film,

Born: in Ashfield, Massachusetts, USA

Died: (age 77) in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA



 1914 Brewster’s Millions

 1914 Rose of the Rancho

 1914 The Call of the North

 1914 The Ghost Breaker

 1914 The Man from Home

 1914 The Man on the Box (co-director – uncredited)

 1914 The Master Mind (uncredited)

 1914 The Only Son

 1914 The Squaw Man

 1914 The Virginian (picturized by)

 1914 What’s His Name

 1915 After Five

 1915 Chimmie Fadden (Short)

 1915 Chimmie Fadden Out West

 1915 Kindling

 1915 Temptation

 1915 The Arab

 1915 The Captive

 1915 The Cheat (uncredited)

 1915 The Girl of the Golden West

 1915 The Unafraid (Short)

 1915 The Warrens of Virginia

 1915 The Wild Goose Chase (Short)

 1915/I Carmen

 1915/I The Golden Chance

 1916 Joan the Woman

 1916 Maria Rosa

 1916 The Dream Girl

 1916 The Heart of Nora Flynn

 1916 The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

 1917 A Romance of the Redwoods

 1917 Lost and Won (uncredited)

 1917 Nan of Music Mountain (uncredited)

 1917 The Devil-Stone

 1917 The Little American (uncredited)

 1917 The Woman God Forgot

 1918 Old Wives for New

 1918 The Squaw Man

 1918 The Whispering Chorus

 1918 Till I Come Back to You

 1918 We Can’t Have Everything

 1919 Don’t Change Your Husband

 1919 For Better, for Worse

 1919 Male and Female

 1920 Something to Think About

 1920 Why Change Your Wife?

 1921 Fool’s Paradise

 1921 Forbidden Fruit

 1921 The Affairs of Anatol (uncredited)

 1922 Manslaughter

 1922 Saturday Night

 1923 Adam’s Rib

 1923 The Ten Commandments (as Cecil B. De Mille)

 1924 Feet of Clay

 1924 Triumph

 1925 The Golden Bed

 1925 The Road to Yesterday

 1926 The Volga Boatman

 1927 The King of Kings

 1928 Walking Back (uncredited)

 1929 Dynamite

 1929 The Godless Girl

 1930 Madam Satan

 1931 The Squaw Man (as Cecil B. De Mille)

 1932 The Sign of the Cross (as Cecil B. De Mille)

 1933 This Day and Age

 1934 Cleopatra

 1934 Four Frightened People

 1935 The Crusades

 1936 The Plainsman

The Buccaneer (1938)

 1939 Union Pacific

 1940 North West Mounted Police

 1942 Reap the Wild Wind (as Cecil B. De Mille)

 1944 The Story of Dr. Wassell

 1947 Unconquered (as Cecil B. De Mille)

 1948 California’s Golden Beginning (Short)

 1949 Samson and Delilah

 1952 The Greatest Show on Earth

1956 The Ten Commandments (as Cecil B. de Mille)


1914 The Squaw Man     Faro Dealer (uncredited)

1923 Hollywood               Cecil B. DeMille

1930 Free and Easy         Director Cecil B. DeMille (uncredited)

1930 Madam Satan         Radio Newscaster (voice, uncredited)

1935 Hollywood Extra Girl (Documentary short) Cecil B. DeMille

1937 The Last Train from Madrid               Crowd Member (uncredited)

1940 North West Mounted Police             Narrator (voice, uncredited)

1941 Glamour Boy           Movie Director (uncredited)

1942 Reap the Wild Wind             Prologue Speaker (voice, uncredited)

1942 Star Spangled Rhythm         Cecil B. DeMille

1944 The Story of Dr. Wassell     Voice of Narrator (uncredited)

1947 Unconquered         Narrator (uncredited)

1947 Variety Girl              Cecil B. DeMille

1949 Samson and Delilah              Narrator (uncredited)

Sunset Boulevard (1950) – Cecil B. DeMille

1952 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Night Life (Short)       Speaker

1952 Son of Paleface      Photographer (uncredited)

1952 The Greatest Show on Earth             Narrator (voice, uncredited)

1956 The Ten Commandments Narrator (uncredited)

1957 The Buster Keaton Story     Cecil B. DeMille

The Buccaneer (1958) – Cecile B. DMille – Prologue (uncredited)

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