Fest, Fest, Fest – It’s a Festival!

  • Dracula Fest

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  • Holiday Fest

    Enjoy the holiday season with a holiday fest of classic movie reviews. Ho ho Ho Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kicking Kwanza, and Festivius for the rest of us.  There should be something here for everyone.   [kudanileads_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_5] Download the Holiday PDF Book [/kudanileads_on_click_intent] Holiday Fest Continue reading The post Holiday Fest appeared first on . […]

  • Pirate Fest

      Enjoy some pirate films in this feat     Continue reading The post Pirate Fest appeared first on . […]

  • Ape Fest

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  • Military Tribute Fest

    Military Tribute Fest This Military Tribute Fest and these military-themed movies are a tribute to the men and women that have served in this national military branches to protect our way of life Continue reading The post Military Tribute Fest appeared first on . […]

  • John Wayne Fest

    In this John Wayne fest, you can examine someone who is both beloved and hated by the American public and the world. If not one of the greatest actors of his time he was certainly one of the most influential. He dominated the western and the war genre. He was a war… Continue reading The post John Wayne Fest appeared first on . […]

  • Zombie Fest

    Zombie Fest Continue reading The post Zombie Fest appeared first on . […]

  • Noirvember Film Noir Fest

    Noirvember Film Noir Fest Film noir is one of the defining cinema styles.This style is heavily influenced by current events and politics. Some of the themes explored in film noir are: Postwar anxiety and societal malaise, Guilt and dread, Psychoanalysis and trauma, Criminality and the limits of rational investigation, Existential… Continue reading The post Noirvember Film Noir Fest appeared first on . […]

  • Viking Fest

    Vikings – we all love them but how much is lore? They never had helmets with horns. They settled areas instead of just raiding. Viking royalty sites on the English throne. Before we get into this Viking Fest lest look at their histgory (history + gory) as I understand it.… Continue reading The post Viking Fest appeared first on . […]

  • Mummy Fest

    Welcome to Mummy Fest – A collection of everything I have related to ancient Egyptians walking the Earth. From The Mummy (1911) to The Scorpion King (2008). A History of Classic Monsters: Mummies by John Gaines states that although mummies were created by one of oldest civilizations in history their… Continue reading The post Mummy Fest appeared first on . […]

  • Frankenstein Fest

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