Ready Player One 2011 Book Review

Ready Player One 2011 Book Review

Ready Player One 2011 Book Review

Ready Player One 2011 by Ernest Cline

Ernest Cline’s smash hit dystopian novel Ready Player One of 2011 in now available in paperback and Audible. I listened to the audio book on a recommendation from a friend. My wife and I listened to the book on our last trip, and I must say we couldn’t wait to get back into the car. The book tells the story of a future where the Earth is devastated and living conditions for most of the planet is worse than 3rd-world. The only escape is the Oasis, a virtual world where people work and play. A series of events sends the main charter on the adventure of two life-times.

This book has received critical praise from  Janet Maslin of The New York Times, who quoted science-fiction writer John Scalzi reference to Ready Player One as “nerdgasm.” USA Today said it was “…Willy Wonka meets the Matrix.”

Entertainment Weekly says it “Triggers memories and emotions embedded in the psyche of a generation.” This is really the best part of the book. Regardless of your age, this book will evoke found memories. For me it was Pac-Man, Joust, and Atari. I was a little lost with the Japanese cartoons with giant robots because I’m too old. I was however, old enough to understand the Dungeon and Dragons references. 

The paperback version at 400 pages will leave you wanting to turn the next page. This book doesn’t really lag or get bogged down on back or side stories. Of course, I prefer the unabridged Audiobook. At 15 hours and 46 minutes long, I didn’t really want it to end. Narrator Wil Wheaton, yes that Wil Wheaton of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and The Big Bang Theory fame did an amazing job. There are even some inside bits that will test your nerd cred. I am particularly happy with the way it brought in 1980s movies like WarGames (1983) and the nuclear attack scenarios.

I think you will find this Ernest Cline masterpiece well worth the effort. Steven Spielberg has a true challenge bring this to the screen as Ready Player One (2018). Thus far the trailers don’t seem promising, but we will see. Get the book!

Ready Player One 2011 Book Review

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